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Special interest/Study tours

Travel is a life teacher, the more you travel, the more you explore and the more you learn. As it has been rightly said Travelling makes you adapt to your surrounding and helps you bond with different cultures and raises your level of patience and makes you a better person while you start appreciating things around you. This is what makes a study tour more interesting for young travelers, it not only helps them understand about different languages and cultures of other countries but also teaches them to take risks and really challenge their perceptions. In short, 'Travel broadens your mind' and makes one independent.
Be it your passion to follow the art or architecture or your desire to follow your culinary adventure, we have the expertise to arrange the logistics and getting special permissions for the visits and arrange student exchange with local schools/Universities for young travelers. Travel Pals has successfully handled the special interest tour groups from National Galleries of Scotland, UK; The Lutyens Trust, UK; to Cinema Theatre Association, UK
Students of Abingdon School, UK with G.D. Goenka School, Delhi at Rashtrapati Bhawan, New Delhi during sightseeing at Delhi on a joint study tour on Globalization and Inequalities in India.

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India Tour Packages