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A country that is virtually a continent, India is a world of colourful contrasts. Hungry to walk, hike, trek & cycle, India has it all & much more. Experience nature at it’s serene best as you explore and discover some of the most amazing landscapes and sights on the planet. Mountain ranges, deserts, coasts, jungles, forests, cities, traditional villages, wilderness, classic sites and the chance to get close to and be part of local cultures. A trip to India will change the way you see the world.

Covering the incredible landscape of India on a cycle is completely different from any other tour. We at Travel Pals offers you the most scenic biking routes from Himalayan Mountains to the Kerala countryside. A journey with mountains, dense forests, crossing lakes and villages, a prefect blend of nature with new cultures to learn, India has a wealth of cycling opportunities for every interest and ability.

Travel Pals offer a chance to unwind & discover the genuine culture of India. As you pedal your way through back country roads away from the bustle and crowd of the metropolises and towns your encounters with rural villages, local festivities, pristine nature reserves and a warm and friendly people will leave you with images and memories of a region that will leave you asking for more.